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This year, we pray our hearts will unite with a incredible spiritual leader in Cite Soleil, Haiti.  Pastor Astrel Vincent is a tireless minister of the Gospel who is committed in helping the local citizens in a deeply improverished area of Port-au-Prince.  In this region, there are over 400,000 children without parents in Haiti.  They are in need of food, shelter and love.


With the help of the Lord, we want to be a part of God's plan to help transform the lives of those in Kenya.  **UPDATE** - Jerry Warren just came back from the country with an abundance of new relationships and exciting opportunities to become readily involved in God's work throughout Kenya!

Port-au-Prince, Haiti 2014

Nairobi, Kenya



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In 2015, we earnestly pray for God's divine guidance to send missioners to the beloved country of Jamaica.  We are currently engaged with several mission organizations to help in widespread ministerial development projects.




In 2016, we earnestly pray for God's divine guidance to work with an emerging organization called Kingdom Seed.  In collaboration with Kingdom Seed we will focus on community empowerment in the country of Mexico.

Central America


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